The Republic of Ireland occupies the majority of the island of Ireland, which it shares with Northern Ireland. The country is well known for its colorful traditions, whimsical folklore, tasty food and drinks, eclectic musical history and warm and welcoming people. With all of its rich cultural traditions, students will never want to leave! Like the Irish like to say “Erin go Bragh” meaning “Ireland forever” in Gaelic.


Galway is known for its brightly colored cafes and pubs, boundless live music, eclectic street performers and world-class arts and entertainment. History and modernity unite in this city to create an ideal environment for discovering the essence of Ireland’s culture, language and people.  Galway is an incredible city for service-learning because it has a strong culture of student-driven service in the community.


As Ireland’s third largest city, Limerick is alive with excitement and entertainment. At the heart of Ireland’s Midwest region, Limerick offers a dynamic mix of modern city life and fascinating medieval treasures. Whether students prefer to tune in to Limerick’s legendary nightlife, shopping and arts scene or be amazed by the the wealth of athletic opportunities in the sporting capital of Ireland, Limerick will never cease to entertain.  Limerick offers students the chance to learn about the Irish culture while supporting local education and community development initiatives.

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