Costa Rica’s allure can be attributed to numerous factors, including its impressive biodiversity, stunning natural beauty, environmental awareness and great opportunities for adventure and ecotourism.

The variety of outdoor recreation activities provides endless possibilities to experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Outdoor enthusiasts will find challenges on the various trails winding through mountains, rain forests, and up volcanoes. The miles of beautiful Costa Rican coastline support an underwater ecology as diverse and spectacular as the landscape. In Costa Rica’s cosmopolitan capital city, San José, you will find a large number of excellent museums, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, and dance clubs.

San Jose

San José is the political, economic and cultural hub of Costa Rica. It is the perfect place to experience a bustling and cosmopolitan Latin American metropolis and is the ideal jumping off point to experience the many natural wonders of Costa Rica.


Sitting almost 4,800 feet above sea level, Cartago is a small province located just 15 miles southeast of San José. Although surrounded by natural beauty, the city is most famous for its rich history, culture and colonial tradition. Cartago was Costa Rica’s first city and capital until 1823. It is home to the infamous Irazú Volcano, the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de los Angeles ruins and other ruins that date back past the 16th century. Weather in Cartago is wonderful and much cooler and drier than its neighboring valley towns making it a perfect destination to hike nearby mountains or lounge in its manicured parks.


Heredia lies approximately 11 kilometers to the northwest of San José, in the verdant tropical foothills of the extinct Barva Volcano and is just a short bust ride away from the capital. Heredia is a university city, featuring many Spanish language schools and programs, and its sizable student population includes many who come to perfect the Spanish language. The city showcases pleasant plazas, lush green spaces and parks, and friendly people enjoying their days.

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