If you are interested in earning academic credit for your service-learning experience abroad, you may explore the following options:

Transfer Credit from Carroll College

ISA Service-Learning has partnered with Carroll College in Helena, Montana, to offer a U.S. transcript and award 1-6 lower division service-learning academic credits for ISA Service-Learning programs. Credit awarded will be based on the successful completion of the ISA Service-Learning Portfolio and the number of contact hours accrued at the host organization.

Participants will be able to earn 1-4 credits for a 4-week program and 3-6 credits for an 8-week program. The additional cost of academic credit is $300 USD, and includes a transcript with either a pass/fail or a US grading system letter grade (A-F) from Carroll College.

In order to be eligible for transfer credit from Carroll College, participants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, meet the minimum language requirement, and receive confirmation from their home institution that credit transfer will be accepted. Please note that some placements may have more stringent eligibility requirements.

Credit From Your Home Institution

Participants may work with their home university to receive academic credit for their program. Each academic institution has a unique policy for granting internship, service-learning and experiential learning credit, thus students should inquire about receiving academic credit with their home university advisors, professors, and/or academic department heads. Many ISA Service-Learning participants have successfully received “Independent Study,” “Internship,” “Directed Studies,” or “Special Topics” credit for their program by presenting their Portfolio.