ISA Service-Learning takes study abroad students beyond the classroom by providing a unique opportunity to engage in community service at local non-profit organizations, municipal offices, schools, and clinics abroad. With over 10 years of experience matching participants with meaningful international volunteer positions, our team will help students find a program dedicated to their personal and professional growth. Through guided reflection activities and group discussions, our goal at ISA Service-Learning is to help students gain a better understanding of the local language, culture and community.

Participants serve 15 – 30 hours each week at a local host organization and complete the ISA Service-Learning Portfolio. This portfolio represents the “learning” portion of your service-learning program, and provides tangible evidence of the work (both hours spent and reflections made) during your time abroad.

Programs options are 4 and 8 weeks in length, with an option for academic credit. There are five standard intakes through out the year. Please review the links below for more program details and available destinations.