Service-Learning provides you with the opportunity to observe real-world issues and social problems by working with organisations that serve their local communities.

Serve In A Community Abroad

Participate in a unique opportunity to serve with and learn from community-based organisations abroad.

ISA have developed partnerships with over 100 non-profit, governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in a variety of community sectors worldwide, with the option to receive academic credit.

Our programs are designed to help you think critically about social issues and community development through guided reflection. Develop skills that will not only help you grow both personally and professionally, but empower you to better serve your local community.

Why Serve Abroad?

Personal Growth
There is always something new to learn about yourself and your capabilities. You will likely face challenges during your program and can build your skills as you over come these challenges.

Civic Engagement
Gain a new perspective on community engagement by observing how your host organisation members determine the needs of their community.

Intercultural Competency
Develop intercultural communication skills that go beyond language, pick up on cultural norms, develop sensitivity for practices different from your home culture and develop an ethnorelative worldview.

Academic Application
Take opportunity to apply your academic knowledge and concepts from your field of study to your Service-Learning placement.

Who Can Serve Abroad?

ISA Service-Learning programs are available to Australian and New Zealand current students and recent graduates who meet the following general eligibility requirements.

  1. When applicable, participants must meet the minimum language requirement (see below)
  2. Must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA (above average student)
  3. Must be at least 17 years old and has graduated high school by the start date

Language requirements:
Beginner: You’ve taken 1-2 courses/subjects and know the basics of the language. You should be able to respond to simple questions in present tense.
Immediate: You’ve taken several courses/subjects and can communicate a majority of what you need to say in day-to-day situations and use multiple verb tenses.
Advanced: You’ve taken advanced classes and feel comfortable communicating in most situations, or you are a native speaking in the local language.

Please note: Eligibility for specific placements is determined by host organisation availability as well as the participants’ resume, cover letter, and interview. Also, there may be specific eligibility requirements for some program locations based on immigration visa regulations.

Any Questions? Contact ISA

8-Week Summer Program

Santiago, Dominican Republic

8-Week Program
Early January to Early March, 2020
$3,950 USD

How Does It Work?

Participants serve 20–25 hours each week at a local host organisation and complete the ISA Service-Learning Portfolio. This portfolio represents the “learning” portion of your service-learning program, and provides tangible evidence of the work (both hours spent and reflections made) during your time abroad.

Programs options are 4 and 8 weeks in length, with an option for academic credit. There are five standard intakes through out the year. Please review the links below for more program details and available destinations.

Program Locations

Chile | Costa Rica | Dominican Republic | Ireland
| Morocco | New Zealand | Peru | South Africa | Spain

4-Week Winter Programs

ISA offers Summer programs with start dates in May, June & July. Check your home university’s academic calendar to see what programs are available to you.


4-Week Program
16th June to 18th July, 2020
Price TBA
Apply by 1st April

San Jose

4-Week Program
24th June to 25th July, 2020
Price TBA
Apply by 1st April


4-Week Program
24th June to 25th July, 2020
Price TBA
Apply by 1st April

Galway & Limerick

4-Week Program
17th June to 18th July, 2020
Price TBA
Apply by 1st February


4-Week Program
24th June to 25th July, 2020
Price TBA
Apply by 1st April


4-Week Program
17th June to 18th July, 2020
Price TBA
Apply by 1st April

Cusco & Lima

4-Week Program
23rd June to 25th July, 2020
Price TBA
Apply by 1st April

Cape Town

6-Week Program
27th May to 11th July, 2020
Price TBA
Apply by 1st March

Granada & Salamanca

4-Week Program
23rd June to 25th July, 2020
Price TBA
Apply by 1st April

Apply Online By The Deadline

Serve Communities All Over The World

Community Development | Education | Environment | Family and Youth Development | Health | Human Rights

How ISA Service-Learning Works

Step 1

Choose your program location and placement preferences.

Step 2

Submit your application and supporting documents by the deadline.

Step 3

Participate in the interview and advising session.

Step 4

Confirm placement, prepare for program and completing pre-departure orientation and reflection.

Step 5

Go abroad.

Seeking Academic Credit?

Any Questions?

What’s Included?

  • Comprehensive advising and support
  • Pre-departure orientation materials
  • Housing and meals*
  • Airport reception
  • Placement supervision
  • Medical Insurance
  • Cultural activities
  • 24/7 on-site support
  • Mobile phone or sim card*
  • On-site transportation pass or stipend
  • Project materials stipend
  • The Service Learning Portfolio (see below)
  • Optional excursions (fees may apply)

Service-Learning Portfolio

The Service-Learning Portfolio provides a guided framework to examine your experience, learn about social issues affecting the host community and demonstrate professional and cultural competencies achieved during your placement.

Your portfolio is a compilation of reflection-based assignments and activities completed throughout your program:

  • Reflective journal
  • Social innovation essays
  • Shared reflections
  • Group discussions
  • Supervisor evaluation
  • Log of hours
  • Certificate of completion

Contact ISA

Whether you’re an interested student, learning abroad professional or academic, ISA is here to help!

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