Almost no academic field is better suited to a study abroad experience than tourism and hospitality. An ISA program will not only provide you with your own international experience, but will also supply exposure to the tourism and hospitality industry in your host country. Many ISA programs include excursions that will add to your tourism experience, staying in quality hotels and being shown the sites by experienced guides. And no one does hospitality better than ISA resident staff and homestay families, so you will have plenty of examples from which to develop your own career skills!


London – Liberal Arts, Business & Media Studies


Dublin – Irish Studies, International Business & Liberal Arts


Florence – Internships & Experiential Learning

Florence – Business, Hospitality & Studio Art – I

Florence – Business, Hospitality & Studio Art – II

Florence – Hospitality, Liberal Arts, & Italian Language – December

Florence – Arts, Business & Italian Language – January Two Week

Florence – Hospitality, Liberal Arts, & Italian Language – February


Cusco – Language, Literature & Culture


Barcelona – Business & Tourism

Salamanca – Spanish Language & Culture


Ho Chi Minh City – Fashion, Photography, Art & Business