As an architecture student or urban planning student, your studies will require you to take in-depth looks at as many spaces and places as possible. A study abroad short course will give you the opportunity to get outside of the classroom and study the world’s architecture and bustling cities from the clearest perspective possible. A month in one of Europe’s capitals to see how the Old World lived, a short course in one of Asia’s new hubs of innovation, or several weeks in Central America to see how their cities adapting to the challenges of climate change; the possibilities to study an urban center and it’s structures, and how they serve the population around, them are endless.


 Barranquilla – Spanish Language & Courses with Locals


San Jose – Spanish Language, Liberal Arts & Environmental Studies


Prague – History & Culture


London -Education & Humanities- I

London – Education & Humanities- II

London – Liberal Arts, Business & Media Studies


Rome – Business, International Relations & Liberal Arts

Florence – Arts, Business & Italian Language – January Two Week

Florence – Hospitality, Liberal Arts, & Italian Language – December

Florence – Hospitality, Liberal Arts, & Italian Language – February


Meknes – Arabic Studies, International Relations & Language


Barcelona – International Studies, Business & Culture

Barcelona – Spanish Language & Culture

Malaga – Spanish Language, Literature & Electives in English