Interning in Spain provides the opportunity to intern in one of the European Union’s largest economies. Not to mention that Spain has something for everyone! Stretching from the snowy mountains of the north to the famous beaches of the south, Spain is one of the world’s most diverse nations. Spain is also a good spot for history buffs, with 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From its Roman relics to Muslim palaces, and from baroque cathedrals to Modernista constructions, this country is a treasure chest of artistic and architectural marvels across a matchless cultural palette. More than 30 years of democracy and rapid economic development have spurred Spain’s cities to adorn themselves with sparkling new ornaments.

ISA offers internships in the exciting  Spanish cities of Valencia and Madrid.

Why Intern in Valencia?

Be it the art, religion, history, literature, architecture, or food, Valencia offers a feast for the senses. Valencia allows interns to experience the beaches of Spain and the freedom of Europe, while interning in English or Spanish. Applicants in any field are welcomed and encouraged to apply for the Valencia program, but it is a particularly good location for students in the Visual Art, Business and Marketing, and Social Work fields.

Why Intern in Madrid?

The cultural center of Spain, Madrid offers the opportunity to explore a breadth and depth of Spanish culture from architecture to food, from music to history, and from the Spanish economy to the cultural diversity that the city encompasses.  And of course the Spanish love of sports!  Madrid offers the opportunity to intern in English or Spanish. Madrid is a good place to intern for most career fields, but is an especially good location for interns interested in Business and Marketing, Communications and Journalism, and Architecture and Urban Planning.


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