Global Remote Internships

ISA’s Global Remote Internship Program provides students with practical 21st century skills, industry, connections, and international business experience through project-based learning.

Gain International Exposure Without Leaving Home

6, 8 or 16-Week Individual Placements
4 & 8-Week Team-Based Placements

Application deadline 1st Nov 2020

A Virtual Program With Real Experience

Students will participate in either a team-based project, facilitated by a Professional Mentor, or an individual placement. In all cases, participants will work remotely from their own home and still gain valuable international experience.

Individual Placements

6 week: 11 Jan – 19 Feb, 2021
8 week: 11 Jan – 5 Mar, 2021
16 week: 11 Jan – 30 Apr, 2021

6 week: $1,750 USD
8 or 16 week: $2,450 USD (includes academic credit)

Relevant study areas: Marketing, Communications, Business, International Business, Finance, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Tourism, General Engineering, Fashion, and Legal Studies.

Application deadline: 1st Nov 2020

These 8-week placements allow students access to a workplace in another country virtually and gain global perspective without traveling abroad. Students will be placed in an individual placement with a company located abroad in countries such as Spain, Vietnam, or elsewhere in Asia and given a project (or several) to complete over the duration of their internship.

  • Students are matched to an organisation based on their career goals
  • Video interview occurs after application
  • Intentional program structure with regular check points ensures that participants stay on track while working remote

What’s included:

  • Virtual Orientation
  • Custom-matched internship placements
  • Professional Development Toolbox
    • Personal Career Coaching
    • SkillSurvey Assessment Tool
    • Professional development workshops and support
    • Career Readiness Course – which earns a digital badge
  • Cross-Cultural Toolkit
    • Resources and activities to deepen your cultural learning
    • Designed to aid in intercultural competence
  • 8 and 16 week programs include U.S. academic credits

Team-Based Placements

4-Week Project
Dates: 11 Jan – 5 Feb, 2021
Cost: $1,875 USD

8-Week Project
Dates: 11 Jan – 5 Mar, 2021
Cost: $2,025 USD

Relevant study areas: Marketing, Communications, Business, International Business, Finance, Software Engineering and Computer Science.

Application deadline: 1st Nov 2020

Participants will be placed in groups of 3-5 and assigned a project for a company based in Australia. Over the course of either 4 or 8 weeks, the group will prepare a project plan and enact it with the guidance of a professional mentor and the direction of the Australian company. There will be feedback loops throughout the project, and upon completion, the group will present their findings to the company.

  • Each group will be assigned a project for the company and given clear directives
  • A Professional Mentor helps guide the group to ensure that the project stays on track
  • Unique online platform facilitates group work and learning
  • Participants gain skills in teamwork, communications and problem solving

What’s included: Virtual orientation, Professional Mentor provides project guidance, 1-4 virtual workshops, 7-10 client/mentor contact points, 30-45 videos, 7-12 interactive assessments, 100-120 work hours, 3-6 U.S. academic credits, digital badging and certificate of completion.

After submitting an application, students will be matched with a company in the field that best corresponds to their academic background and professional goals. 

Projects for each internship vary by career interest and company assignment. Examples of previous internship projects include:

  1. Determining potentially disruptive mega-trends, technologies, and startups to help financial firms reshape their future
  2. Completing a marketing effectiveness analysis of a large, multi-national organisation’s digital presence
  3. Identifying practical initiatives that contribute to a manufacturing company’s global sustainability goals
  4. Discovering funds, investors, and acquisitions to help fund a start-up company’s growth

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