The country of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK for short) is made up of four separate and distinct countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. England’s incredibly rich history illustrated in sites such as Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall, and the Tower of London, in addition to its deep roots in theatre, arts and literature makes England an obvious choice for individuals looking for a stimulating and educational international experience. ISA interns in England will easily notice the broad, international influences that contribute to England’s unique culture.

Why Intern in England?

London’s rich history provides depth to every field—be it acting, journalism, or business—as well as an English speaking population that makes navigating the cultural difference of your internship dandy! Interning in England gives participants the opportunity to explore their field of interest from a new cultural and a new temporal perspective.  Interning in England is a particularly good option for interns in the Education, Business and Marketing, and Science and Math, and Engineering fields. Due to visa restrictions, those studying Hospitality and Tourism and Healthcare should consider other internship locations. All applicants should be aware that internships in England are very competitive and strong educational and experiental background are advised.

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