Tokyo is the epitome of the word dichotomy. With thousand year old temples just around the corner from the most modern of skyscrapers, even the experienced traveler will find something to discover during their time in the world’s largest metropolitan area. The evolution of the city lends itself to this analogy, as its beginnings stem from a tiny fishing village.

Even transportation fits in with this analogy. Each day millions of people move about the city by walking on congested streets filled with cars and taxis that inch along. At the same time many more move about the country on the famous “bullet trains” that zip from one place to another at nearly 200 miles/hour. From those humble beginnings to the leading edge of business and technology, there’s something for everyone in Tokyo.

Why Intern in Tokyo?

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and is home to the Japanese government as well as the Japanese Imperial Palace. The name Tokyo literally means “Eastern Capital” in English.

As would be expected of a city of its size, Tokyo is on the cutting edge of everything from architecture, technology, and fashion, to food, and pop culture. Within the past century, the city of Tokyo has experienced two near-complete destructions of the city. The first was in 1923 after the Great Kanto earthquake, which at the time was the largest ever recorded, the second was during World War II when the city endured extensive bombing. These incidents have led to Tokyo’s innovative architecture and bustling business atmosphere as the city looked to rebuild and re-position itself on the world stage in the latter half of the 20th century.

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