The People’s Republic of China has been a center of international attention for the past 15 years as it has emerged as a global economic power. China has the world’s highest population with more than 1.3 billion people, and is the third largest country in the world with respect to land area. Due to such a large population and land size, China has immense cultural and geographic diversity within its borders. Chinese history can be traced back thousands of years, making ancient China one of the world’s oldest civilizations. The Chinese lifestyle–founded in Eastern traditions that include religious, medical, and governmental beliefs far different from the west attracts students from all over the world to study abroad.

Why Intern in China?

Shanghai, China is one of the world’s largest cities and one of its most important centers for business and trade. With a population close to 20 million people, Shanghai also presents unlimited multi-cultural experiences. People from all over the world call Shanghai home which has helped give the city a unique culture. Due to its financial success, Shanghai has some of the best shopping in China, with a wide range of shopping options from small shops to giant stores. Anyone who enjoys shopping will love Shanghai!

China is an excellent location for Business and Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism, Architecture and Urban Planning, Law, Health and Communication. Most placements in China are focused on the business side of their respective field. Prospective interns interested in applying to intern in Shanghai should have a minimum GPA of 2.7 and know why they want to intern in China. All internships in Shanghai will be conducted in English, so no previous knowledge of Chinese language is required.

No engineering or veterinary placements are possible at this time.

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