ISA Internships are designed to give students a comprehensive professional experience that is well beyond just the placement. Nothing makes a resume stand out from the crowd like an internship abroad. 


Global Remote Internships

4 & 8-Week Group Projects or 8-Week Individual Placements

With many years of experience in advising and support, the ISA Internships team will work with you on your path of professional discovery and connect you with an internship that fits your career goals.

Intern Abroad To Propel Your Future Career

With an overwhelming number of options out there, let ISA Internships find you the international internship that’s right for you, while preparing you to be career ready. We work with you to customise an internship that matches your skills, goals and interests for an experience that will be sure to help launch your professional career and propel your personal growth.

Why Intern Abroad?

Stand Out
Employers want employees who have a global-mindset, can take initiative and are unafraid of challenges or risks.

Global Perspective
Gain exposure to a broader perspective of the world, global events and a new understanding of your own field of study.

True Immersion
Internships are a great way to make local friends, improve your language skills and feel part of a local community.

Skills, Skills, Skills
Employers seek applicants to possess skills such as innovation, creativity problem solving, critical thinking, self-management, intercultural fluency, leadership and communication skills. Your internship will allow you to apply the hard skills you’ve learned in the classroom while developing soft skills on your placement.

Program Locations

Chile | China | England | Ireland | Japan | New Zealand
| South Korea | Spain | United States | Vietnam

Who Can Intern?

ISA Internships are available to Australian and New Zealand current students and recent graduates who meet the following general eligibility requirements.

  1. Must be proficient in English or the language of the host country
    • an English language test may be conducted with non-English speakers
    • must have a 6 or above on the IELTS or a minimum of 65 TOEFL score
  2. Must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA (above average student)
  3. Must be at least 18 years old and has graduated high school by the start date

Please note: There may be specific eligibility requirements for some program locations based on immigration visa regulations. For London internships students must be enrolled as a full-time degree-level student or graduate intending to begin internship no more than 12 months beyond the end of study.

Any Questions? Contact ISA

USA Internships

Intern in Denver, Colorado on your Winter break!

6-Week Internship Program


8th Jan to 22nd Feb, 2020
$6,550 USD


8th Jan to 22nd Feb, 2020
$5,450 USD


8th Jan to 22nd Feb, 2020
$6,495 USD


8th Jan to 22nd Feb, 2020
$6,196 USD


8th Jan to 22nd Feb, 2020
$7,350 USD

Multiple Locations

8th Jan to 22nd Feb, 2020
$5,300 USD


8th Jan to 22nd Feb, 2020
$5,450 USD

Valencia & Madrid

8th Jan to 22nd Feb, 2020
$5,550 USD – $6,350 USD

Application Deadline: 1st October, 2019

Internships For All Career Fields

ISA offers full-time, structured, unpaid international internships in a wide variety of career fields around the world with the option to receive academic credit.

How ISA Internships Work

Step 1

Choose the duration and location of your program.

Step 2

Submit your application and supporting documents by the deadline.

Step 3

Participate in the advising session and matching process.

Step 4

Accept your internship and finalise the application process.

Step 5

Go abroad.

Seeking Academic Credit?

Any Questions?

8-Week Internship Program

Program Dates:

8th January to 7th March, 2020 –apply by 1st October.
20th May to 18th July, 2020 – apply by 15th January.
10th June to 8th August, 2020 – apply by 15th February.
9th September to 7th November, 2020 – apply by 1st May.

What’s Included?

  • Custom-matched internship placement
  • Housing
  • Professional Development Toolbox (see below)
  • Bridging Cultures Program
  • Comprehensive advising & support
  • 24/7 emergency & on-site support
  • Pre-departure orientation materials & visa support
  • Airport reception
  • Medical Insurance
  • Optional academic credit
  • Professional development & cultural activities

Exclusive to ISA

Professional Development Toolbox

The Professional Development Toolbox is designed to provide you the proper resources for success before, during and after your internship abroad. Our goal is to help you become career ready.

  • Personal career advisor
  • Individualised advising session
  • Goal-setting tools and activities
  • Resume and cover letter advising
  • Nuts & bolts of Career Readiness webinar series
  • On-site professional development workshops and activities
  • Internship Pro-Tips email and video series
  • Interview coaching
  • Individual internship supervisor

Career Readiness Course

The Career Readiness Course provides students with many resources to aid in their professional development. Students can earn a digital badge and micro-credential that can be posted on their LinkedIn profile.

The course helps to:
1. Articulate professional areas of strength and identify areas for growth
2. Increase levels of confidence while navigating a professional setting
3. Develop and improve upon both hard and soft transferable skills applicable to interests and goals

Contact ISA

Whether you’re an interested student, learning abroad professional or academic, ISA is here to help!

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