ISA strives to make our programs accessible to all students, and provides scholarship and grant opportunities in order to do so. More details are available on the ISA US based website here:

ISA Diversity Scholarship

The ISA Diversity scholarship is awarded to student participating in winter programs on an annual basis, and aims to encourage students of a broader cultural make-up to take part in our programs. As most ISA students are from the US, this scholarship is perfectly suited for Australian and New Zealand applicants.

ISA Gap Program Scholarship

The ISA Gap Program scholarship is available to students participating in an ISA program before they begin their university studies.

ISA Repeat Student and Sibling Grants

Students who have participated in a past ISA program (excluding January short-courses) will automatically receive an ISA grant if they participate in another ISA program of the same length (or longer). Students who have had a sibling participate will also receive a grant (same length requirements apply)

Host Institution Scholarships

Some ISA host institutions provide scholarships to students that can help lessen their ISA program fees.


OS-HELP is a loan scheme from the Australian Government. The scheme allows you to borrow up to $8,100 AUD to help cover the cost of your program. The money is paid back via your HECS debt. Like other HECS debts, it is fee-free and interest-free. For more information, please contact your Study Abroad advisor or have a chat with our office inquiry team.

ISA encourages you to inquire with your home university regarding any opportunities they may have available as well.