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cppercentagesISA Custom Programs strives to design a program that complements your academic
objectives and facilitates culturally engaging experience for students. We help you handle all pre-departure and on-site arrangements, enabling you to focus on teaching.

The goal of ISA Custom Programs is to design, implement, and support study abroad programs based on your university’s curricular objectives. CP can offer programs throughout the academic year, and during mid-semester and semester breaks.

By utilizing ISA’s existing infrastructure, U.S. universities have the flexibility to expand their program offerings while maintaining full oversight of curriculum. An ISA Custom Program is available at any of ISA’s existing program sites, with the option of designing a custom tour incorporating multiple locations. In conjunction with our parent organisation, WorldStrides, ISA can additionally provide custom program development and support for short-term programs in over 100 countries worldwide.

It can be difficult to know where to start when creating a study abroad program, so please be in touch with our inquiry team so that we can help walk you through the different steps, such as what kind of a program model to use, who should accompany the students, how many students can participate, how will the program be marketed, etc.

“I would recommend ISA to any faculty member who leads students abroad. Using ISA services allowed me to concentrate on my primary duty, which is of course teaching. One of the best services that ISA can provide is peace of mind — knowing that I can have assistance in a matter of minutes with any emergency or problem we might encounter; the ISA support network is extensive and on call 24/7. ISA staff, both stateside and abroad, are friendly, flexible, and very concerned with helping us meet our pedagogical goals. – Clifton Ellis, Architecture in Paris,  Texas Tech University


Faculty Led

Create a different kind of study abroad experience for your students by integrating your university’s curriculum with ISA’s on-the-ground network. Collaboration with ISA’s local partners and flexible program models allow you to incorporate cultural immersion and engagement into your faculty-led program. ISA in-country staff will supply co-curricular learning opportunities to deepen the experience.

Group Internship or Service-Learning Programs 

ISA Internships offers full-time, structured, unpaid international internships in a wide variety of career fields and business sectors around the world with the option to receive academic credit. The goal is to find the right international internship for each participant based on their area of study, skills, and future career goals. All placements are in English, unless the participant has host language proficiency. All ISA internships are designed to build professional skills and experience as well as provide a real-world experience to enhance classroom learning.

ISA Service-Learning takes study abroad students beyond the classroom by providing a unique opportunity to engage in community service at local non-profit organizations, municipal offices, schools, and clinics abroad. With over 10 years of experience matching participants with meaningful international volunteer positions, our team will help students find a program dedicated to their personal and professional growth. Through guided reflection activities and group discussions, our goal at ISA Service-Learning is to help students gain a better understanding of the local language, culture and community.

A Group Internship or Service-Learning Program can be offered as a stand-alone program or as an add-on to another custom program. Institutions can co-brand one of our set-date programs (typically 4 or 8 weeks in length, 4 intakes per year) or design a custom date program. There is no minimum enrolment necessary, unless add-on excursions are included.

Campus-Based Programming

Utilize ISA’s in-country network and partnerships for campus-based programming at the choice of over 50 academic institutions throughout the world. ISA can provide an extraordinary range of academic settings, campus cultures, and will supplement the on-campus learning with co-curricular activities.

Exchange Support

Strengthen your exchange programs by working with ISA to provide on-site support. Let our local staff take care of housing, health and safety, health insurance, excursions, cultural activities and more for your outbound exchange students.

Re-brand an ISA Program as Your Own

Rebranding existing ISA programs with your institution’s name ensures that the promotion and application processes carry your brand. Additionally, your university can tailor certain elements of an existing program to meet specific learning objectives, such as excursions, guest lectures and academic curricula.

Any Combination of the Program Models Above

Some of the most fulfilling programs for students are those that combine more than one of these program models thus allowing participants to experience more while abroad.

“We have had a wonderful experience working with ISA Internships. The ISA Internships team has helped us set up an incredibly complicated internship program for our Exercise Science students, and they were very considerate and meticulous in determining what would be the best options for placements. Having worked with ISA for a number of years, I can say from experience that they are consummate professionals and they always keep the student experience first and foremost on their priority list.” – Keara DeKay, Group Internship Program, University of South Carolina



Typically, ISA Custom Programs request 2-3 weeks to submit a complete proposal for your program. In this time, we will create a budget and itinerary for your program based on your specifications and provide a document outlining all of our included support services and activities.


Meghan Lawrence, Global Mobility Manager
(61) 0466 002 522


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