Bridging Cultures Program

Bridging Cultures Program

ISA’s on-site orientation.

The Bridging Cultures Program (BCP) is a comprehensive orientation delivered to all participants in the first days of their ISA program. The BCP blends adventure, lecture, and culture into an exciting and informative introduction to the participant’s new host country.

The BCP is designed to educate participants and to give them the tools to navigate a successful study abroad experience.

Orientation of City
Introduce participants to the local culture, in and out of the workplace and help navigate the city.

Cultural Adjustment
Inform participants of cultural and professional differences they may experience.

Health and Safety
Prepare participants for health and safety issues in their host country.

Goal Setting
Guide each participant through a goal-setting activity to encourage them to reflect on their expectations for their experience abroad.

Program Expectations and Strategies for Success
Ensure students understand expectations of ISA program to facilitate discovery and learning and prepare students for a successful and rewarding experience.

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