Academic Credit

Whether you’re participating in a short course, internship or service learning program, ISA offers academic credit opportunities.

Apply For Academic Credit

Talk with ISA and your home university to seek credit for your ISA program.

Academic Credit

Explore the following options to earn academic credit for your internship abroad. If you wish to receive credit for your internship, you will need to work with your home university for approval. Contact ISA if you or your home university requires additional information.

ISA Internships

Transfer Credit From Carroll College

ISA Internships have partnered with Carroll College to offer optional academic credit for ISA 6 and 8-week internship programs. You will receive an official academic transcript upon completing your ISA Internship.
Note: There is an additional cost of $300USD to purchase transcript.

Credit From Your Home Institution

You may be able to receive credit directly from your home university. Each academic institution has a unique policy for granting credit so you will need to speak to your study abroad office for further guidance.
Note: Grades will be released by your home institution and you will not receive a transcript from ISA.

Go For The Experience

Many university students and recent graduates participate in ISA Internships every year without seeking academic credit as they see the value in the experience!

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