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With hundreds of US university affiliates, ISA understands the importance of establishing and maintaining close partnerships with students’ home institutions.

How To Affiliate With ISA

The fundamental goal of an affiliation agreement is to forge a strong working relationship.

An ISA affiliation agreement not only provides benefits to you and your students, but also enables ISA to gain a more detailed understanding of your university practices and policies. Becoming an ISA affiliate will allow ISA to better serve your institution’s students, faculty and advisors.

Benefits Of Affiliating With ISA

Increased Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, ISA offers our participating students approximately $150,000 USD in financial support through host university grants and ISA scholarships. Of those awards, $58,000 USD  is earmarked specifically for scholarships for students from ISA’s affiliated partner institutions.

Choice of Program Discount or Grant Fund

In addition to the aforementioned scholarships, ISA offers another $800,000 USD in affiliate discounts and grants annually. As an affiliate your institution will have the choice of either a discount to future participants from your university or the establishment of a grant fund, from which you may then allocate scholarships to future students participating in ISA programs.

Access to ISA Advisor Portal

This web-based resource allows ISA affiliates to view specific program information for each student (e.g. host university, enrollment status, acceptance date and site-specific online orientation). In addition, the Portal is home to ISA’s extensive webinar library and additional advising resources.

Affiliation Rate

Our affiliated universities receive a discounted rate when participating in ISA international site visits.

Efficient and Clear Communication

Due to increased and regular communication, your students will enjoy a streamlined and efficient process when they are working with their courses, finances and advising.

There is No Cost to Affiliate – Exclusivity is Not Required

There is no financial cost to your institution in order to affiliate with ISA. Nor does ISA expect or request that you make ISA your exclusive provider.

ISA’s Expectations

Campus Visits

Allow ISA staff to regularly visit campus in order to learn more about education abroad at your institution. ISA asks for one visit per semester to meet with advisors, learn about new policies and procedures and speak with students or faculty to understand their needs and preferences.

Study Abroad Fair Participation

ISA receives an invitation to attend your university’s study abroad fair.

Open Communication

ISA’s consistent communication with advisors is one of the greatest resources for understanding an affiliate’s campus protocols, advising procedures, enrollment requirements and other institution-specific information.

Indicate Our Partnership

ISA requests that our programs be included among your education abroad offerings for student consideration.

Australian Affiliates

For further information regarding affiliating with ISA, please contact ISA’s Global Mobility Manager:
Meghan Lawrence

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